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Consume more calories than your body needs, you will gain weight.
Consume less calories than your body needs, you will lose weight.

Things to Understand About TDEE:

1. Daily Activity Level

The measurement for energy expenditure is dependent on activity level. The higher this value is, the more active a person is. People should be careful when evaluating their activity levels and take into account every activities apart from the ones that are carried out in the gym. There is not much of a difference between sedentary and moderate activity, so people must be careful in considering the differences between the two especially when it comes to TDEE calculation.

2. Exercise Intensity

Again, Exercise intensity is another important factor in calculating your energy expenditure. This section is only based on the activities that are done in the gym. The higher this value is, the more aggressive a person is in the gym. Here, there is a big difference between Moderate and Intense activity. So people must be careful in considering the differences between the two since a simple miscalculation could lead to over-estimation of your energy expenditure and thereby hindering your fitness goal.

3. Weight Loss Is a Balance

The value of the daily energy expenditure indicates how many calories a person must consume as well as spend in order to stay at his or her current rate. If weight loss is the goal, then less calories must be consumed, more exercise must be done, or both must occur. The exact opposite must happen if weight gain is the goal. This reinforces the basic principle of effective weight loss balance.

4. Work Up To It

In order for people to effectively lose weight, it is recommended that they eat at their current energy expenditure level for a few weeks before reducing their caloric intake. This way, their body can get used to eating at this level before taking in less. After a few weeks, reduce the caloric intake by a certain percentage (20%), depending on how much weight needs to be lost, and repeat the process so the body can readjust itself. It is also important to recalculate the energy expenditure level every week after taking in fewer calories.

The same is true if the goal is to gain weight, except here one should increase the caloric intake by a certain percentage (10%) instead of decreasing it.

5. Be Smart

Your total daily energy expenditure is the metabolic rate the body needs to work at in order to keep basic processes going while performing physical activity. It is unwise for a person to drastically reduce his/her caloric intake, for he/she risks consuming fewer calories than he/she needs in order for his/her body to work properly.

The total daily energy expenditure is the most accurate indicator for losing, gaining and maintaining weight. Understanding it and the basal metabolic rate is important for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Now you can go ahead and plug your stats into the TDEE calculator below.

Note: Please remember that the “No. of days” and the “Target date” are just rough estimates and the result can vary from individual to individual based on several factors such as age, activity factors, whether an individual is metabolically adapted or not, etc.

But the majority can rest assured as they will most likely see promising results within the above time frame.

The calculator above will give you an estimate of the calories and macronutrients you require each day. However, you may need to make adjustments with your diet as you go along. If your weight does not change by the desired amount (keep in mind, you shouldn’t be gaining or losing more than 2lbs each week) make adjustments by small increments. For example, if you’re aiming to lose weight and your weight has remained the same, reduce your calories by 50 each day. This should come from your carbs (4 calories per gram) and/or fats (9 calories per gram), while maintaining the same protein intake. Repeat this process as necessary to keep hitting your goals. It’s also worth noting, that as you gain or lose weight on your diet, your calorie intake may need to change anyway! For more information on weight loss plateau, please refer to this article.


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Nicole Williams
Nicole Williams
Hi there, I have been told not to significantly drop calories on rest days, as your rest days are just as important as the actual day you work out, however your comment below for someone to figure out their calorie intake on days they work out contradict this as you’ve said on rest days to change their activity level to couch potato. Can you please clarify? On training days, to have a deficit of 500cals, I need to be consuming roughly 1450-1500 cals. However based on your comment below, changing my activity level to couch potato, on my rest days… Read more »
Damn Ripped
Hello Nicole, One crucial thing to remember is that, you shouldn’t be on a deficit during your rest days. You should be eating exactly your TDEE. As this phase (rest days) will help you bring up your suppressed metabolism, eating a calorie restricted diet will totally defeat that purpose. If you’d like to have your Daily Calories the same as TDEE please choose Custom in the Calorie Deficit dropdown and enter 0 in the Custom Calories field. I will update the other comment as well with this information. Thank you. 🙂 PS: You don’t really need to have 2 different… Read more »
Nicole Williams
Nicole Williams

So I am a little bit confused, I am currently trying to lose weight therefore I am trying to have a daily calorie deficit of around 500cals which means I am sitting at around 1450cal daily. So on my rest days you suggest eating my TDEE which is 1800cals??

Damn Ripped

Perhaps you didn’t read the post script in my comment.


If I workout 3 days per week and I do full body workouts. 3 sets per excercise and 12 reps with the heavier weights I can handle, is my excercise considered as moderate or difficult?


Sorry it is 3 sets of 8 reps with the heavier weight I can handdle.

Damn Ripped

I’d say Light to Moderate. Try both for a week, see the results and change accordingly.


Hello, I excercise 3 days per week doing full body workouts. Do I need to eat differently the days I do not workout or, in order to increase the muscle growth, I have to keep eating the same amount of calories?

Damn Ripped

Hello Karlos,

Generally it is ok to eat the same amount of calories throughout the week. But if you’re aiming for a clean bulk, then you’d have to eat differently on workout and non-workout days. Calculate your non-workday calories by selecting the daily activity as SEDENTARY and exercise intensity as NONE – COUCH POTATO.


I am 156 cm tall and 69 kg.i was 68 pre-pregnancy.
My baby is now five months old .still breast feeding
I am 69 kg
My job is mainly desk job with one hour yoga.
My question :
1) what should be my ideal calorie intake as I breast feed . Unable to add on this on your calculator .
2) should I add on other cardio / gym based exercises to loose weight

Damn Ripped

Hello Litz,

Experts suggest that Breastfeeding mothers must consume 400-500 extra calories during the breastfeeding period to produce highly nutritious milk. While a few others suggest as little as 300. So use our TDEE calculator and add 300-500 calories to the Daily Calories and you’ll be good to go. Having said that, please consult with a physician before trying to lose weight while breastfeeding.

As for exercises, alternating weights and cardio every other day is a great way to lose weight.

PS: Opt for a high protein diet.


Very good indeed!!

Damn Ripped

Thank you for your kind words, Massimo. 🙂


Hi , Thanks for this great calculator
I used diffrent calculator on another bodybuilding website
And that told me my tdee is 2100 ( that calculator don’t ask my age ( i’m 18 ) and for the modirate exercise ( I lift weight 4-5x per weak for 50min ) used 1.35 activity level , but on your calculator my tdee is 2300 , i’m on bulking and i don’t know which number is correct
I’m studenet and have sendetry or light activity on a day , i will be greatfull if you help me


Sorry I forgot to say , my weight is 66kg and 13-14% of body fat

Damn Ripped

Hello Mike,

Not all calculators are same. There will be slight differences in the results, if not major. I suggest you give both the numbers a try for about a week or so and go with the one that works best for you.


How many days is this calculator assuming I workout? TDEE would vary if I were to work out 6 days a week oppose to 3.

Damn Ripped

Hello Kris,

You are correct, it would vary. Our calculator determines the TDEE for one day (workout day). If you want to know your TDEE for non-workout days, you’ll simply have to re-calculate by selecting the daily activity as SEDENTARY and exercise intenstiy as NONE – COUCH POTATO. So ultimately you’ll have 2 tdees, one for workout days and the other for non-workout days. Just make sure you’re eating exactly your TDEE on your rest days. 🙂


Hello, this doesn’t affect the growth of the muscles during the rest days?

Damn Ripped

Unless you’re eating too much below your Daily Calories, it shouldn’t affect.


Hi there. I’m 5’6″, 146lbs. Goal weight is 126lbs. The calculator says that with my moderate activity and a 30% cut of calories I will reach my goal weight by 2020….. this can’t be right. Is it?

Damn Ripped

Hello Dana,

That is highly unlikely. Either you must’ve selected the start date incorrectly or your computer must have a wrong date. Because it wouldn’t take more than 5 months to lose 20 lbs even if you are sedentary and don’t workout. Please email us ( your stats and we’ll look into this. 🙂




I am 67Kg and looking to start a cutting phase in my training regimen. I went for the ‘low carb’ option as I had good results with it before. The calculator said I need to ingest 195g of protein daily. I was wondering how does this sit with studies saying you should be ingesting around 1.5g of protein per Kg body weight for weightlifters?


Damn Ripped

Hello Mirry,

You are absolutely correct. It is more than sufficient to consume 1.5 g of protein per kg. But when we go for a low carb option we don’t much choice other than increasing our protein/fat intake to fulfill out daily calorie requirements and since protein is more muscle sparing than fat, it is in our best interest to have it on the higher side. If you wish to reduce your protein intake, please use our macro calculator to set up your own ratio.



I am having trouble figuring out what my daily activity and exercise intensity are. I have a desk job but walk with the dogs 2 times a day for 25-30 minutes (flat surface). Besides that I do HIIT training 3 times a week in the morning for 20 minutes and workout out 3 times a week at the gym for around 1 hour to 1 hour and 15 minutes. Could you please help me figure this out.

Thank you!

Damn Ripped

Hello Harry,

Going by your comment I think we can safely assume that you are “Moderately Active” because you make up for your desk job by walking your dog and doing HIIT. As for the exercise intensity, I’m afraid it depends a lot on how intense you are working out in the gym. That being said, I guess you will be safer choosing light or moderate.

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