Article quality: You must be able to write high-quality, very conversational, engaging and helpful evidence-based content. You must have a high standard of written English and grammar. Keep your tone neutral, inclusive, positive and fun.

Sponsored and guest post length: The article length should be at least 1000 words for regular articles and 500 for Infographics or Body Transformation stories.

Guest post topics: The article topic should be in some way related to the health & fitness industry like foods and diets, fitness, workouts, dietary supplements, weight loss and muscle gains, body transformations, general health, gym, etc.

Pictures & Videos: Pictures are very helpful in providing visual aides to support your claims. All contributors are encouraged to include some pictures with the post. An ideal dimension for the featured image would be 758 x 426 px. In-article images can be of any size, the bigger the better. Images must support the article by giving the reader a visual feel of the article contents.(if you don’t own the rights please give credit to the copyright owner, no web page or links allowed, only name: example IMAGE BY JOHN OR IMAGE BY DAMNRIPPED.COM). As for videos, just copy the embed code from YouTube and paste it inside your article. Our system will pick it up.

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Authorship claim: You can also add your Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus profiles etc.

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Credits: Please give a credit to individual work wherever necessary. This goes for stock images as well. You may also add images or videos to your guest post, as you know it will add value to your article.

Affiliate links: We generally do not allow* affiliate links inside the sponsored post.

Copyright: Please do not submit any guest posts copied from other blogs. Articles must be 100% unique and original (i.e. not published anywhere else on the Internet) – this will be verified via Copyscape and Grammarly.

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Comments: Once your article get published, your article may get lots of query’s. Please try to answer them as this will lead to more exposure of your article.

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Guest Post Terms and Conditions

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